Big Island Yoga Retreat - Awake Goddess at Gingerhill Farm

Awake Goddess Untamed

March 26-30, 2021

Big Island, Hawaii ~ Gingerhill Farm

Hey Wild Woman


If what I am about to say resonates with you, remember that you were meant to hear it at precisely this point in your life. Have you been feeling a mysterious energy awakening within your body? Its vibration keeps you awake at night fantasizing of distant lands with exotic tastes and new sensations. Wherever you go a voice beckons. This is the call of the Wild. A summons to break with the stagnant old routines and fall in love with life again.

Awake Goddess Untamed was created to stoke the fires of adventure and creation, the fierce furnace of the feminine within us all. Embracing the wisdom of the Four Archetypes, Yoga, The Vedas, Sacred Plant Medicine, and Indigenous culture, we will steep ourselves in movement, ritual, fellowship, deep reflection, and authentic expression.

This is not a retreat, this is a journey. A remembrance of our sacred dance, like walking an ancient path that we know by heart. Re-wilding is the Heroine’s journey of transmutation. An expedition to the jungle of our souls to bring forth the medicine of Wild. Together we will frolic in our powers as Lovers, Warriors, Wise Women, and Enchantresses, in turn becoming the medicine that the world needs. Time is of the essence.

From Brazil to Hawaii

No one comes to Hawaii by chance. The land calls forth whoever it needs to be here to transform and be transformed. Trust the process.

Five Days | Four Elemental Archetypes


The Number Four has special meaning in the Wheel of Life. It represents the 4 Seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall; the 4 Directions: north, east, south, west; the 4 Elements: air, fire, water, earth; and the 4 Archetypes: Wise Woman, Lover, Warrior, and Enchantress. These elements, cycles, and archetypes reside in all things. They are the rhythms which animate life and reside in the stories and myths that humanity has told throughout the ages. We will invite the primal power of these archetypes into our lives for transformation.

Water: The Lover & Sensuality

Enjoy sensuous activities that inspire ecstatic play. Dance barefoot underneath the starry sky, drum to the unique rhythm of your own soul, bathe yourself in Nature’s embrace, swimming at secluded beaches and letting the ocean cleanse you. We will learn about the true meaning of Tantra and the sacred union of the masculine and feminine within.

Fire: The Warrior & Strength

We will awaken the warrior within you through yoga and pranayama. Stoke your inner fire through courageous movement. We will sharpen our minds with meditation and mindfulness practices. We will remember the ancestral integrity in our bones by traversing through Hawaii’s diverse, volcanic landscapes.

Earth: The Wise Woman & Spirituality

Healing begins inside with the understanding that everything has Spirit. We will learn how to cultivate plants for high-vibrational healing and nourishment. Come together in a ceremonial circle with your tribe of Wild Women and release karmic bonds that no longer serve us. Together we will manifest our intentions.

Air: The Enchantress & Sovereignty

Experience the majesty of the sacred valleys of the far North where the Great Kamehameha III, unifier of Hawaii was born. Here we are moved to take a higher perspective, look back at the path of our lives, and see how every twist and turn has led us to our own point in the cosmos. With grace and sovereignty we move forward, unified in power to the next great adventure of our lives.

Hawai’i Island is home to Pele, the volcano goddess. She is the bringer of Transformation and Metamorphosis. Destruction and Creation. Death and Rebirth.

Big island lies in the liminal space between dreams and reality. It rumbles with the alchemical energy of the Goddess.
Our host, Gingerhill Farm Retreat, is located in Kealakekua which in Hawaiian translates to “The Path of God”. It is here that we become initiated in our journey to the mythical realms which lie both within and without us.

What to Expect

5 Days & 4 Nights of magical exploration, transformative re-wilding, and multi-sensory immersive experience curated by Iris Lami and guest coaches.

Investment to Join: $2,500

Be held in a sacred space where you can be vulnerable and bare your soul.

Be challenged, nourished, and delighted at the same time.

Be guided and supported for who you truly are.

Make incredible connections with a group of unique and wondrous women.

Experience the true enchantment of Hawaii on an intimate level.

Awaken to the medicine in your body. Awaken to being the medicine in the body of the world.

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What does the cost of Awake Goddess cover?

The price of attending Awake Goddess at our yoga retreat center includes daily yoga / pranayama or exercise / workout instruction, room and board, three farm-to-table meals per day, two beach excursions, and all other activities and instruction provided by our staff. The cost does not include airfare or transportation, nor does it cover any spa services or excursions that you choose to book individually.

What Airport should I fly into?

Please book your flight into Kona International Airport on the Big Island of Hawaii. We ask that you arrive no later than 2pm and schedule your departure no earlier than 2pm.

What should I bring with me to Awake Goddess?

You should pack comfortable clothing and a pair of sandals for daily asana practice at our yoga retreat center. We also ask that you bring a hat, long sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, sturdy shoes, and DEET-free bug spray for any harvesting or garden activities. Please bring comfortable sleepwear and any fragrance-free cosmetics and toiletries, snacks, medications, and other personal items you may need. A light raincoat​ and sweater are also a good idea. If you plan to hike or visit the beach, bring swimwear, sunscreen, hiking shoes, and athletic clothing.

I’m traveling alone. Can I share an accommodation with another retreat participant?

Yes, absolutely! We will work to pair you with other solo travelers to the best of our ability. Please notify us as to your preference between apartment-style and dormitory-style accommodations. Note, however, that we cannot guarantee that the accommodation you are seeking will be available upon the time of booking.

Should I rent a vehicle?

We highly encourage our guests to rent a vehicle to use during scheduled personal hours. However, if you would prefer to spend your personal time on-site at our yoga retreat center, we do provide airport transportation for an additional charge. Note that we do not provide any additional transportation unless you are experiencing a medical emergency.

What is the weather like in Kealakekua?

The weather is wonderful in Kealakekua! Temperature fluctuates between 70 and 80 degrees, dipping into the upper 60’s at night. Mornings are typically sunny, but light afternoon showers are common, so please bring a rain jacket and water resistant shoes for your comfort.

What kind of activities do we do in the garden?

Garden activities will consist mainly of touring the property, identifying fruits and vegetables, and harvesting for meals. You will have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs, including how to grow and prepare them for optimum nutritional value. Don’t worry–we won’t put you to work with a pick axe! We do, however, ask that you be in good physical condition and pack sturdy shoes, as our property is hilly.

What kind of food do you serve on the property?

We take care to source healthy ingredients of the highest quality to prepare delicious and nutritionally dense meals. Our meals are predominantly plant-based and include fresh greens, herbs, root vegetables, and tree fruit from our farm. A typical meal will likely consist of a fresh green salad, fermented vegetables, cooked grains, and cooked vegetables. We are not a vegan farm, and many of our meals include organic butter and cheese, farm-fresh eggs, and the occasional well sourced meat, but we are happy to alter our menu to accommodate vegetarians and vegans. All of our fare is organic, gluten free, and Ayurvedic.

How do I contact you if I have questions?

If you have any questions or need to contact us for any reason, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of our home page.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes! We will do our best to accommodate your dietary restrictions. Please note that, while we can accommodate vegetarian and vegan diets, we do consume animal products on this farm. Please discuss your dietary restrictions with us ahead of time so we can prepare to accommodate you.

Will I have access to WiFi?

Yes, complimentary WiFi is available in all of the rooms and common areas on the property.

How do I schedule spa services?

If you are interested in learning more about or booking spa services, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of our home page.

How close is the nearest beach?

The closest beach, Manini, is a 15-minute drive away. Beaches in Kona are 20-30 minutes north of our yoga retreat center.